how to use couples sex toys

1. Introduction

Couples sex toys are becoming increasingly popular among couples who want to spice up their sex life and explore new ways of enjoying intimacy. These toys can help couples explore each other’s bodies in exciting and creative ways, and can be a great way to add some extra fun and excitement to the bedroom. In this article, we will discuss what couples sex toys are, the benefits of using them, different types available on the market, how to choose the right toy for you and your partner, tips for using them safely and effectively, cleaning and storing them properly, common myths about couples sex toys debunked, and more.

2. What are Couples Sex Toys?

Couples sex toys are any type of toy that is designed specifically for use by two people during sexual activity. These can range from vibrators or dildos that both partners can use simultaneously, to cock rings or anal beads that provide extra stimulation during intercourse. Some couples may even use handcuffs or blindfolds as part of their playtime. The main goal of these toys is to add an extra layer of pleasure and excitement to sexual activities between partners.

3. Benefits of Using Couples Sex Toys

Using couples sex toys can have a number of benefits for both partners involved. First, it can help increase intimacy between the two by allowing them to explore each other’s bodies in new ways. It also helps build trust between partners as they share an experience together that they wouldn’t be able to do alone. Additionally, these toys can help bring an element of surprise into the bedroom which can make it more exciting for both parties involved. Finally, using couples sex toys can also help improve communication between partners as they learn how to communicate their desires better with one another through these experiences.

4. Types of Couples Sex Toys Available

There are many different types of couples sex toys available on the market today ranging from vibrators and dildos to cock rings and anal beads. Vibrators come in many shapes and sizes ranging from small bullet vibes that you can use on sensitive areas like the nipples or clitoris all the way up to larger wands that you can use on multiple areas at once like during missionary position intercourse or when giving oral pleasure (just make sure not to get lube in those electric parts!). Dildos come in a variety of shapes such as curved ones for G-spot stimulation or double-ended ones so both partners get pleasure at once! Cock rings come in different sizes depending on what kind of stimulation you’re looking for while anal beads provide pleasurable sensations when inserted slowly into the anus one bead at a time (make sure you always use lube with anal play).

5. How to Choose the Right Toy for You and Your Partner

Choosing the right toy for you and your partner depends on several factors including your level of experience with using these types of products as well as your individual preferences when it comes to sensation levels (some people prefer more intense vibrations while others may prefer gentler ones). Additionally, consider what type of activity you plan on using it for – if it’s just clitoral stimulation then look at smaller vibes but if you plan on using it during intercourse then look at larger wands or dual stimulators like rabbits or bullets (but again make sure not to get lube near electric parts!). Finally, think about budget – there are plenty of high quality options out there regardless if you’re looking for something cheap or something more expensive!

6. Tips for Using Couples Sex Toys Safely and Effectively

When using any type of couple’s sex toy it is important that both partners take safety precautions such as wearing protective barriers like condoms over any penetrative objects (including fingers) as well as making sure all surfaces used are clean before any contact is made with skin (this includes washing hands before touching any part). Additionally, make sure not to insert anything too far into either partner’s body without proper lubrication first – this will help prevent any painful tearing or discomfort during insertion/removal process! Finally, make sure that all electrical components remain away from water sources such as bathtubs/showers/pools etc., otherwise they could cause serious harm if exposed!

7. Cleaning and Storing Couples Sex Toys Properly

It is important after every use that couples sex toys be cleaned properly in order to prevent bacterial growth which could lead to infections if not taken care off correctly! To do this simply wipe down all surfaces with warm soapy water (or a mild bleach solution) before rinsing off completely with clean water afterwards! Additionally make sure all electrical components remain dry throughout this process otherwise they could short circuit! Once finished cleaning let air dry completely before storing away in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight – this will help prolong its life span!

8 Common Myths About Couples Sex Toys Debunked

There are many myths surrounding couples sex toys which need debunking in order dispel any fears people may have about trying them out! Firstly contrary popular belief these products don’t necessarily mean one partner is “replacing” another as they merely allow both parties involved explore each other’s bodies further than would be possible without them; secondly they don’t always lead directly towards orgasm – rather they should be seen more as tools used enhance pleasure rather than guarantee climax; finally although some models may seem intimidating at first glance most actually quite user friendly once familiarize yourself with them properly!

9 Conclusion

In conclusion couple’s sex toys offer an exciting way for two people explore each other’s bodies further than would otherwise be possible – providing increased intimacy levels between partners along with added surprises bedroom activities! They come variety shapes sizes depending personal preference budget plus following safety tips ensure maximum enjoyment minimal risk infection/injury – ultimately making perfect addition anyone wanting spice things up bit between sheets!.